ProLoans ist die Beteiligungsplattform zur besicherten Investition in den britischen Mittelstand - ab 300 Euro.

Borrower Overview

  • Borrowers can obtain loans between £25,000 and £100,000 at fixed competitive rates from 1 year to 5 years
  • We arrange fixed interest non/amortising business loans. No need to repay principal until maturity.
  • Funds are always raised from the ProLoans MarketPlace or other resources.
  • Typical fees are 3-5% only payable upon successful loan disbursement and interest rates of 6-16% per annum on principal. 
  • Fast access to funds is achievable (within 3 weeks from initial meeting).
  • All loans are secured. This can include a fixed asset charges or floating charge on the business. Often loan structures are enhanced by outside security such as a personal guarantee or property outside of the business. We do not accept or request personal residential use property as collateral.
  • Our credit assessment approach is flexible but requires 2 years of trading history, credit record and accounts.
  • Borrower information is not accessible by potential competitors in the UK and only ProLoans registered lenders resident in Germany gain access to Borrower information.
  • ProLoans serves a single contact point. All communication between Lenders and you as the Borrower is handled by ProLoans.
  • Borrowers can repay early (part or in full) without penalty any time after 12 months.
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